Tracing Trails

I am who you are to me.
I live where my destiny brings me, with God's providence, I am always in the place where He takes me.
right now I am an unfinished sword in a battle; in the field of RIZAL TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY.

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12:25 AM
September 11th, 2012

This is my intention: Rebuke the expectation

I just have to kill the expectations to turn it into hope. I don’t want to feed your captivation in me with a poison. The expectations are becoming driving force which is very false. Do not make me your engine. If I will allow you then I am feeding my vanity with that. Don’t you realize I can use you? And to say that I can use you is selfishness not in my part. I speak out and entertain to win people for God.  I speak out to you not to create a fan’s club but for you to build up relationship to Him. Stop looking at me that way. It feels so good that you adore me but this is false! This is a deceit. I can’t let the devil in me use you. I will never take advantage. Telling you to stop can prove a specific answer.

I want you to be still and keep moving. Search His words, discover what he has in stored for you by not, not, not just looking at ME. Do not think you are vulnerable. We are. We have the same fight but different battle field. This will be very hard then. There will be a lot of pressures especially because of the sweet doves around. You will ask the why can they have each other while you can’t have yours and just waiting in deadly vain.

Our future as couple is very very blurred. I can’t see it. Why? It is too far for my 50mega pixel lenses. I guess because it is millions of distance away.  I think there is really no precise assurance in this terrible “world”. Set your heart and eyes to Him, to Him, to Him and I assure you, you will be consumed with Love.


Forever and ever friend,




If I will love, I want you to be the reason not what you do and say. :-P

9:48 AM
September 8th, 2012
The song is kind of a very bold statement to my Savior saying, “I’m going to follow You no matter what happens.
Adam Young (about the song “Galaxies”)
5:57 AM
August 25th, 2012

John Holt

5:55 AM
August 25th, 2012

6:55 AM
August 11th, 2012
thank you very much Mary Grace Bautista!
frm Bhie
6:45 AM
August 11th, 2012

from diary’s pages

deep black water

frm d ovrflow of sky

drowning torture

n d land of love thy

has end but continuous


i can feel no companion

only my self pity like no cure

the haven of lonely

home of confident poor

door key needed badly

trap n heart obscure

wer s me wen thnking plainly

this s an absolute ridicule

attention’s none

just false care

even brain cn’t tnhk exactly

what d eyes procure

no hope until i respond calmly

impossible healing without

intention so pure

So ill choose 2 closed eyes

thn deep rest bcoz i cnt endure

6:33 AM
August 11th, 2012
my gratitude pours when the thunder pain of yesterday silence the pride music
vashnadze ed
6:31 AM
August 11th, 2012
let me taste Your word everyday, hold in Your presence and feel Your face in every being
vasnadze ed
6:28 AM
August 11th, 2012
when I kissed Your Word my world turns different
8:01 PM
July 20th, 2012

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